How we have done the new website
and survived
During the developing of the new website:
3500000 of nerve cells have died
578 of cups of coffee have been drunk
2 web designers, 1 backend developer, and 1 marketing director have quitted their jobs
≈ 10 000 of corrections have been made
Of all the software developers, only one person survived till the website was released

January 2017
Now, we still don't know who came up with the Idea to create a new website.

March 2017
At first, everything was okay and we followed the plan. We had the Idea, the web-designer, frontend and backend developers. We thought that there was enough time and dreamt to launch website before the New Year Night.

April 2017
We still had the idea. Time by the time we were discussing it on smoke breaks. However, something went wrong because our web designer and marketing director decided to quit :(

July 2017
Hurrah! We found the person who knew nothing about our Idea. It was our new marketing director. He figured out that all the top managers of our company had a similar vision about our new website soon enough.
Marketing Director:
The new website must bring more leads.
Sales Team Lead:
And sales.
Customer Support Team Lead:
The most important thing for the new website is to provide a customer with easy-to-find communication form. Everything else will work itself.
Ringostat Founder:
We need to add an elephant. The elephant is crucial. Why are you staring at me like that?
Then we found a new web designer. He was agile and creative. His eyes even shined. The spoiler: in 6 months he will quit his job. Let's come back to this topic later.

August 2017
We were still discussing the idea of a new website. The marketers started creating the website content and eternal editing of it. The top managers of our company argued about almost every word. For example, they spent an hour discussing the word "reporting".

The marketing department have offered many ideas. Of course, a new marketing director has always listened to them.
Or maybe...

September 2017
Then we had to confirm website illustrations. Our founder continued to insist on the elephant.

He really needed an elephant! Then top managers came up with a necessity to add more animals pictures - dogs, birds…. We heard the sound of their discussions: "Only shepherd is a dog! Others are not dogs at all! The labrador isn't a dog!".

By the way, our founder wanted the animals on the website be anthropomorphic. Other top managers doubted for a while but later gave up. Of course, anthropomorphic animals are cool! Whatever!

October 2017
Surprisingly we figured out that we were on a deadline. The first website illustrations have been already created. It's impossible to keep calm looking at the pictures of thin shepherd wearing shorts. Probably that could be the reason why top managers took a decision to forget about animals.

It was an autumn. Leaves were falling. New tasks about translations and website content were falling on the shoulders of the marketing department as well.

December 2017
In December people were preparing to celebrate Christmas and New Year. And we were preparing to look at new website illustrations without laughter. Their original versions were kept secret. When we saw that pictures, we understood why.
Some illustrations brought up more questions than answers.
Is that guy cycling with a brick on his head?

Is that a sunbathing on the beach?
I'll burn it to the ground. That damn analytics!

January 2018
We were dreaming to release the website before New Year celebration. So now we know not everyone's dreams come true. However, the website release was coming soon. That's why disease rates in our office have subsequently risen.

Sometimes strange things were happening. The buttons that didn't work were fixed itself. Frontend developer has been assigned the task "The slider doesn't work". Then it turned out that slider never existed.

In the end, our web designer announced he was going to quit his job.

February 2018
Everything stopped because we were busy with preparation for our corporative party. All the things are extraordinary in our company. Yes, we do celebrate the New Year in February. And when we were writing-writing-writing the texts for our website, we came up with punchlines for the rap battle.

1st week of March 2018
The tension in the office was just getting worse. Everybody was preparing for the website release. Therefore, our project manager decided to take a leave but no such luck.

PM is going on a trip. The marketing director approaches her with scared eyes and says:
Shit. We can't release the site. That's a disaster! Don't release!
What happened? (She was petrified).
The question mark on the English website version isn't clear. It looks bad.

2nd week of March 2018
There were many-many meetings. A lot of. The top managers spent hours fighting too much for something. The frontend engineer had nightmares about endless corrections. The grey color on the site wasn't enough grey and that made our marketing director incredibly nervous.

Day of release
We got quotes from website release participants to demonstrate you how it was.

Everything was okay because I haven't accepted new corrections.

Project Manager at Ringostat
— How are you, Nikita?
I'm exhausted.
Oh, I have this period. The name of it is release.
QA at Ringostat
5 hours before release: scary.

4 hours before release: very scary.

3,5 hours before release: everybody was really shaking up.

3 hours before release: cold sweats, muscle aches.

2 hours before release: oh, pizza!

1 hour before release: everybody wanted to quit.

30 minutes before release: acceptance.

15 minutes before release: everybody wanted to take a leave and go to India to learn Zen practice.

One second before: calmness.

5 minutes after release: Happiness! Euphoria! Wonder! That's incredible. Nothing is broken.


But seriously…
What differs the new website from the previous one
It's comprehensive
Users don't need to google to learn about how call tracking works and which benefits it provides. The website contains this information.
The texts are written in plain English and all the complicated terms are explained.
We moved away from the old landing page. Ringostat website has several tabs with clear names and drop-down menu.
That has the option to simply contact Support Team
Or request a demo.
Our sufferings are far away. The new website is finally released. We are eager to gain your feedback. What do you like and dislike?

Run this test. It takes less than 5 minutes.
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